23 Non-Casserole Dinners You Can Take To Someone in Need

Many of us have taken the opportunity to bring dinner to someone else, wether it’s a friend who had a new baby, someone who is experiencing grief, or an individual you know who could just use dinner brought to them. Sometimes a gesture as simple as that can mean everything in the world. I remember […]

How to Plan a DIY Home Renovation Project

If you’re planning a major DIY project in your home, read these tips for how to plan a DIY home renovation project, including questions you should ask yourself before you begin remodeling.  As a self-taught DIYer, I’ve planned and executed a number of DIY home renovation projects. Here on Remodelaholic, I’ve shared a few, including […]

8 Pioneer Lifestyles You Can Adopt To Be Happier and Healthier

Over 175 years ago, pioneers migrated west to settle what would now become booming metropolis cities. Today we live in air-conditioned homes, buy our supermarket milk in gallon jugs, and order anything we could possibly dream of with the click of a button and have it magically appear two days later at our doorstep. We […]

25 Curb Appeal Ideas

These curb appeal ideas are DIY friendly and are sure to help you boost your home’s exterior. We have an entire collection of Curb Appeal Ideas and more great home exterior update ideas, such as: Choosing Exterior Paint Colors, How to Hide Outdoor Eyesores (think A/C units and electrical boxes), and a Faux Wood Garage […]

Utensil Drawer Organizer – Adjustable and Customizable

Drawers are great in the kitchen, especially when they are all organized! A custom adjustable utensil drawer organizer can keep everything in its place and avoid messy drawers. Works great for any drawer! Looking for other ways to organize your home? Organize a vanity or bathroom drawer with these custom jewelry dishes. Organize the rest […]

Grey and White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or designing a brand new kitchen, cabinetry is a big deal. Grey and white cabinets are modern twist on a classic white kitchen, and the combination of white and grey cabinetry can work in a farmhouse kitchen or a modern kitchen, or any style in between.  One of my favorite […]

20 Easy DIY 2×4 Wood Projects

There are so many 2×4 wood projects, but we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorites for you to try. From benches and tables to shelving and plant stands, you’re sure to find a wood project or two you’ll love. For even more ideas, please explore our entire 2x4andMore wood project collection.   If you’ve build […]

St. Paddy’s Day in a Jar – Gift a Rainbow! Exclusive FREE ST. PATRICK’S DAY PRINTABLE

St. Paddy’s Day is right around the corner! Call it the ‘Luck of the Irish’, or call it favoritism towards our fabulous readers.  Either way we want you to know how much we appreciate your support.  Once again, with the help of chickabug, we created a free exclusive printable gift especially for you: Free St. […]

The 5-in-1 Baby Essential That Will Change Your Life

*Thank you to Graco for partnering with us on this post. Our love for babies and mommies brings us together with one baby essential! Babies come into your life like a sweet springtime storm: the whole experience is fresh, new, and unpredictable. It’s a whirlwind of diapers, sporadic sleep, and skin so soft you’ll want […]

Valentine Crafts for Kids

Help your kids craft their way to Valentine’s Day with these 10 cute Valentines crafts for kids that are creative and quick. These crafts are simple enough for any age with a bit of adult help, so make some Valentine memories that will warm hearts for years to come. If you are looking for other […]